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Myopia Control



Dr. Kacherova is passionate about treatment of childhood myopia (nearsightedness). As a student, she conducted multiple studies on the subject and continues to do so as a physician. Dr. Kacherova has treated hundreds of myopic patients with great success.

The Expert Myopia Management Program includes multiple options for management of childhood myopia and its progression.

  • soft multifocal contact lenses
  • pharmacologic management with low dose atropine drops

Myopia Control For Children

Your child’s eyes are his/her gateway into the world of learning. Your child should visit the eye doctor every year or more frequently if specific problems or risk factors exist. Myopia control attempts to reduce the number of changes that may occur in your child’s vision. With a successful myopia control program, an eye doctor can provide your child with amazing vision, track your child’s rate of myopia, and provide a clear road to healthy eyesight and a successful future.

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